Thursday, July 24

Deterrence is the only effective tool against east Jerusalem terror

Deterrence is the only effective tool against east Jerusalem terror, that's what the Jerusalem Post and Israpundit say and they're right

When asked, however, to discuss the first bulldozer attack in Jerusalem, on July 2, Diskin turned critical, noting that Israel lacked effective deterrence against such attacks, mainly due to the foot-dragging on the demolition of homes belonging to the perpetrators of the Mercaz Harav and first bulldozer attacks.

Considering the dozens of construction sites throughout Jerusalem and the many Arabs who work on them, there is almost no effective way to prevent a lone attacker from deciding to turn his work tool into a killing machine except for deterrence. The failure to demolish or even seal the homes of the previous attackers is a mistake that, according to the Shin Bet, is enabling future attacks.

Forget just demolishing the homes, they can always build new ones. We have to really fight back instead of just waiting for them to attack.

Nobody ever won a fight by sitting back and taking it.


Lemon said...

Just wanted to wish you a wonderful and kosher pesach!
May it be filled with blessings for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

The solution is to FIRE all muslims and hire Christian and Hindu workers.There are plenty
of good,hard-working,reliable(ish) people,let's say,in Honduras,Phi
lipines,India,Mexico that could
do the job.
Israel will be a lot safer by doing this.

ilona@israel said...

at the moment israel has lots of external problems as ahmadinejad's nuclear programm or cunstractions in gaza, so i think we have to do everything in oder to prevent internal difficulties inside the country coz its weaken us in such a difficult time...