Thursday, July 24

Eddie Beckford , Violent Missionary Thug Attacks Jews

It's really sick to see these American thugs and con artists like Eddie Beckford AKA Edwin Beckford coming to Israel from Harlem to assault Jews and promote hate. You can see on this video what an evil man this Eddie Beckford is, how sick and violent and full of hate.

You can find videos made by Edwin Beckford's followers all over YouTube preaching hate against Jews, from these so-called people who claim to follow the Bible. They obviously don't know it very well. Meanwhile they try to excuse and justify his violent attacks showing they're no different than Nazis, because THERE IS ALWAYS AN EXCUSE.

These disgusting people like Eddie Beckford and Lura Beckford come to Israel in the name of hate because they wore out their welcome in America. So they come to Israel, stir up trouble and then ask Americans to give them money to "protect them from the Jews" Sick stuff and sick people.

According to Samurai Mohel, Edwin Beckford 's "ministry" Kingsmen Arad is even named after the Kingsmen gang that Eddie Beckford used to run with back in Harlem. Now he's created a chapter in Israel funded by any money he can get anywhere.

It's amazing that Israel is so tolerant of these people like Eddie and Lura Beckford who rabidly hate Jews and even engage in criminal acts against them. If these people hate Jews so much THEY SHOULD JUST LEAVE. Just like anyone who hates America should leave.

Eddie Beckford, go back to where you came from and leave the Jewish people alone.

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Lemon said...

Jews need to complain to youtube about those videos they are terrible!
Glad to see you blogging again :)