Monday, January 18

Samurai vs Jesus

Long time no update. Two really funny posts from Samurai here.

Report of the Bulletin of the International World Alliance of Messianic Judaism Worldwide in Rosh Pina Project Colada

And the only way we can do this is with your money. Believers are working their holy asses off to bring the word to the Fake Real Jews, but we can’t do it without a lot of your donations. We’re invading Israel. We’re going into their coffee shops and getting kicked out for telling people they’re going to hell. But that’s okay. We came prepared for that. We’re martyrs, just like all the Jews our ancestors killed because they wouldn’t take our illuminated parchment leaflets back in the Middle Ages. But it ain’t no fun being a martyr without a Mercedes Benz (send Martyrdom\Mercedes Benz donations to: ROSH PINA PROJECT COLADA C/O REAL JEW BIBLE COLLEGE C/O INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE ALLIANCE OF MESSIANIC JUDIASM IN TENNESSEE, 6012 ROBERT E. LEE RD, KILLAJEW, TENNESSEE).


Only Jesus Can Make Tiger Woods Keep It In His Pants

You may have heard that Brit Hume found the perfect solution to Tiger Woods’ troubles. Jesus. As we all know Jesus believers have a fantastic track record of not cheating on their wives, especially if they’re televangelists. So Brit Hume’s recommendation that Tiger Woods climb on board the Jesus express made huge sense.

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