Friday, November 10

First Muslim Congressman Greeted with Allah Akbar

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1600 young British Muslims are under surveillance for plotting terrorist violence against Britain, says M15 Head

"At least 1600 young British Muslims are under surveillance for plotting terrorist violence against Britain, according to the head of MI5.

Eliza Manningham Buller delivered a stark assessment of the threat facing the country from 200 terror networks stretching from the UK to Pakistan, including 30 “Priority 1” plots.

In August Home Secretary John Reid claimed to know of 24 “major conspiracies”, suggesting the dangers posed by organised terrorists is growing.

Delivering the Government’s latest assessment of the terror threat, the Director General of the Security Service revealed that her agency’s caseload has increased by 80 per cent since January."

Via Daily Mail

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Sunday, November 5

Bush Administration Warned Israel to stop Overflights of Lebanon

U.S. officials reportedly asked Israel to stop combat aircraft overflights of Lebanon.

Elliott Abrams, the White House’s deputy national security adviser, and David Welch, the State Department’s top Middle East envoy, met Thursday with Ehud Olmert ahead of the Israeli prime minister’s Nov. 12-14 visit to Washington.

According to Ha’aretz, Abrams and Welch told Olmert that Israel’s overflights, an aftereffect of Israel’s war with Hezbollah this summer, are undermining Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s government.

The purpose of the overflights is to stop the smuggling of arms to Hizbullah, supported by Siniora's government.

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Nicagaruan Anti-Semites May Return to Power

Nicaragua (Reuters) Oct 2006 - Nicaraguan left-wing Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, making his third bid to return to power, has a 17-point lead before November's presidential election and could win without a runoff, a poll showed on Wednesday.

The survey gave 37.5 percent support to Ortega, a U.S. Cold War foe and ally of Venezuela's radical leftist leader Hugo Chavez. It was the first to indicate that the 61-year-old Ortega could take the presidency in the first round.

MANAGUA -- They say they have changed. They insist that they are not the revolutionaries they were in the 1980s. That past saw a leftist-oriented government that instituted a hated draft, imposed food rationing in the face of a U.S. embargo and forced the vast majority of the tiny local Jewish population to go into exile in the United States and neighboring Costa Rica.
"We are not going to have a return to the past," a high-ranking Sandinista official who asked not to be identified said in an interview.

Isaac Gorn, a member of the near-defunct Nicaraguan Jewish community who now lives in Costa Rica, does not trust the Sandinistas.

Recalling that the country's sole synagogue was seized by the Sandinista government and converted into a secular school, he said no one should trust the Sandinistas.

Via Sultan Knish

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Palestinian Authority Threatens Life of Israeli Hostage

"Zahar: Hostage at risk JTA

The Palestinian Authority said Israel´s offensive in the Gaza Strip threatens the life of an Israeli soldier held hostage.

"This aggression may claim the life of the Israeli soldier," Mahmoud Zahar, the Palestinian Authority foreign minister, told the Egyptian news agency MENA over the weekend.

He was referring to Corporal Gilad Shalit, who was seized by Gazan gunmen in a deadly June 25 border raid. Israel has mounted several major military operations in Gaza since, most recently a sweep for Palestinian rocket crews in the northern town of Beit Hanoun."

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Bishop says Muslims seek Domination and Victimhood

"The Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, told the Sunday Times some had a “dual psychology” in which they sought “victimhood and domination”.

Mr Nazir-Ali argued it would never be possible to satisfy all of the demands made by Muslims because “their complaint often boils down to the position that it is always right to intervene when Muslims are victims... and always wrong when Muslims are the oppressors or terrorists”.

He compared Bosnia and Kosovo, where he said Muslims were oppressed, with the powerful position of the Taleban in Afghanistan, who he said had been the oppressors.

He added: “Given the world view that has given rise to such grievances, there can never be sufficient appeasement and new demands will continue to be made.”

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Thursday, November 2

Al-Queda Plot Targeted 10 US Cities for Massive Destruction

"A foiled British terror plot to blow up 10 passenger aircraft with liquid bombs was meant to occur over U.S. cities, a senior FBI official says.

Mark Mershon, head of the FBI's New York field office, made the observation at the Infosecurity 2006 conference in New York on Oct. 24. The conference was reported on this week by Government Security News.

"The plan was bring them down over U.S. cities," Mershon said, adding the plotters' goal was to maximize damage and loss of life.

On Aug. 10, British police and the MI5 domestic security service conducted raids in which 25 people were arrested and charged with conspiring to mix liquid bombs from common chemicals taken aboard in carry-on baggage on non-stop Britain-U.S. flights."

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Iran Vows to Continue Mocking Holocaust till they succeed in a Second Holocaust

Iran awarded a Moroccan artist Wednesday the top prize in an exhibition of cartoons on the Holocaust that has received international condemnation, including from UN chief Kofi Annan.

Meant to be a response to the Danish cartoons of Islam's Prophet Muhammad that sparked rage among Muslims around the world, the exhibit appeared inspired by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's tirades calling for Israel to be destroyed.

The exhibit curator, Masoud Shojai, said the contest will be an annual event.

"Actually, we will continue until the destruction of Israel," he said.

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Rocket Lands Inside Woman's House

"Qassam lands inside house in Sderot, causing fire to erupt; one woman suffers from shock. Six rockets fall in Israel since Thursday morning, while army continues operations in Gaza.

Six rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip since Thursday morning, despite ongoing IDF incursions in Beit Hanoun area in the Strip, aimed at thwarting Qassam fire.

A rocket that was launched Thursday afternoon directly hit a house in the town of Sderot, setting fire to the place. One person was lightly injured by shrapnel and two others suffered from shock.

One of the residents who lives in the area said: "We heard an explosion and saw smoke billowing over the house. This area has sustained quite a few Qassam hits."

Meanwhile, two IDF soldiers who were injured during the army's operation in Beit Hanoun were evacuated to the Barzilay Hospital in Ashkelon.

Several Qassam rockets were fired Thursday morning from northern Gaza Strip and landed in open fields near Sufa Crossing, the town of Sderot and kibbutzim in the Western Negev."

Soldiers are dying. The war goes on. Prime Minister Olmert remains in office even though he is a complete failure and the UN force he brought in is helping the terrorists.

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John Kerry and the Military - The Lie and The Truth

The Lie

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, and you study hard, and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq."

John Kerry, former and future candidate for Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces

The Truth

— 49.2 percent of officers have advanced or professional degrees; 39.4 percent have master’s degrees, 8.5 percent have professional degrees and 1.3 percent have doctorate degrees. — 22.8 percent of company grade officers have advanced degrees; 16.5 percent have master’s degrees, 5.9 percent have professional degrees and 0.3 percent have doctorate degrees.

— 85.4 percent of field grade officers have advanced degrees; 70.7 percent have master’s degrees, 12.1 percent have professional degrees and 2.5 percent have doctorate degrees.

— 99.9 percent of the enlisted force have at least a high school education; 73.3 percent have some semester hours toward a college degree; 16.2 percent have an associate’s degree or equivalent semester hours; 4.7 percent have a bachelor’s degree; 0.7 percent have a master’s degree and .01 percent have a professional or doctorate degree.

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Wednesday, November 1

Israel's Encirclement - Read it and Weep

Via the Jerusalem Post

"Last week Iran began enriching uranium in a second network of centrifuges. Just as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has dropped nearly all pretenses about his intention to achieve nuclear weapons, so too he makes it clear daily that he intends to use such weapons to annihilate Israel.

The world's reaction to Iran's behavior is depressingly instructive. Russia tells us that we are being paranoid and continues to build the Bushehr nuclear plant. The Europeans cluck disapprovingly and threaten to pass a weak, "reversible" sanctions resolution in the UN Security Council whose main target is American security hawks. For his part, US President George W. Bush continues to adhere to the call for sanctions.

Nearly 10,000 French-commanded UNIFIL troops today protect Hizbullah in south Lebanon. And increasingly, they do so while provoking Israel. Last week two incidents took place between German naval forces and the IAF. Last Tuesday and Thursday IAF jets were scrambled when a German naval helicopter entered Israeli airspace after taking off from a German naval ship off Rosh Hanikra without permission or prior coordination.

What is most remarkable about the story is its repetition. Last Tuesday the German helicopter elicited a strong Israeli response. Rather than desist from provoking the IAF, the Germans repeated their action on Thursday. So what could have been viewed as a regrettable incident was transformed into a provocation.

Germany's hostile behavior is par for the course with UNIFIL. Two weeks ago French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie called the IAF's overflights of Lebanese airspace "extremely dangerous," and threatened that France's forces in Lebanon were liable to fire on the IAF flights "because they may be felt as hostile by forces of the coalition." By word and deed, UNIFIL forces are making clear that they view the IDF, not Hizbullah as their enemy. As they increase their provocations against Israel, UNIFIL forces turn a blind eye to weapons being smuggled daily to Hizbullah from Syria. Were Israel to attempt to take action against Hizbullah or Syria to prevent them from attacking in anticipation of an Israeli strike on Iran, there can be little doubt how UNIFIL would respond.

AND THERE is little that Israel today can do about UNIFIL. Olmert and Livni have been UNIFIL's most enthusiastic cheerleaders. They expended Israel's political capital convincing these hostile forces to perch themselves at our border. They then promised the Israeli public that the French would protect us. They are not in a position today to make demands.

Over the weekend, Egypt announced that it was deploying 5,000 troops (or "police" forces) along its border with the Gaza Strip in northern Sinai. The deployment was necessary, Egypt announced, to prevent Israel mounting a serious operation against the massive weapons smuggling that is quickly providing Palestinian terrorists with the means to transform Gaza into south Lebanon.

The fact that Egypt wishes to prevent Israel from stemming the flow of weapons to Gaza - which Egypt itself is supposed to be cutting off - should tell us all we need to know about Egypt's intentions. But apparently the government and Southern Command weren't listening. Sunday, Defense Minister Amir Peretz denied that Egyptian forces had been deployed along the border. An IDF commander in the Southern Command strangely expressed satisfaction at Egypt's move arguing that with the larger force Egypt would finally take action to prevent the arms transfers. The Foreign Ministry assured the public that the peace treaty with Egypt allows Cairo to deploy an unlimited number of "policemen" in the Sinai.

It is hard to decide which is more frightening, Egypt's move or Israel's response to it.

As MK Yuval Steinitz, former chairman of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee explains, Egypt's sudden decision to deploy a massive force along the border is a strategic threat of the first order to Israel. "Egypt," he explains, "is taking advantage of the weakness and incompetence of the government."

Over the past decade, Egypt has been assiduously preparing its military for war against Israel. From the ideological indoctrination of its forces, to its massive armament programs, to the relocation of its military installations, units and logistical bases to both sides of the Suez Canal, to the training of its troops to fight "an unnamed country on Egypt's northern border," Steinitz warns that Egypt has done more than Iran to ready its forces for war against Israel.

Rather than protest Egypt's actions, successive Israeli governments have swallowed whole Egypt's strategic deception. Egypt protests friendship and pretends to combat terrorism and prevent weapons smuggling into the Sinai.

Yet under this friendly guise, Egypt has legitimized Palestinian terrorists and stood behind the massive weapons smuggling operations. As Steinitz puts it, "Egypt is to Palestinian terrorism what Syria is to Hizbullah.

"The weapons to the Palestinians are brought in through Egyptian ports and El-Arish and are imported by land from Sudan. Those latter imports have to traverse Egypt on their way to Gaza. There is no way that the Egyptian government is not colluding with the weapons shippers."

AS STEINITZ notes, over the past eight months the weapons being shipped to Gaza have been sharply upgraded. Egypt today is overseeing the import of sophisticated anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, as well as upgraded Katyusha rockets to Palestinian terror groups.

And now Mubarak is sending 5,000 "policemen to the border." As Steinitz notes, Israel has no way of knowing who these forces are, whether they are police or commandos or infantry or anti-aircraft units. He warns, that "If Israel does nothing to prevent their deployment today, there is no reason to doubt that in a year or two there will be tens of thousands of Egyptian troops along the border with Israel."

As Steinitz notes, not only does every single Egyptian soldier deployed along the border have a job to do in time of war, today they are perched along the border with the Negev, where, as the government turns its back on them and the IDF applauds their deployment, they are within striking distance of some of the IDF's most important military bases and strategic installations.

Since 1993, Israel's leftist governments have consistently followed a strategy of transferring responsibility for our national security to our enemies. First it was Yasser Arafat who was supposed to fight Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Now it is his deputy Mahmoud Abbas, UNIFIL and Mubarak who are all supposed to fight Israel's enemies. Far from learning from our bloody experience that our enemies have no interest in protecting us, in recent months, the Olmert government has expanded tenfold our reliance on our enemies.

As if having hostile Europeans guarding genocidal Iranian proxies in the north, and hostile Egyptians guarding and arming genocidal Palestinians in the south weren't enough, Sunday it was reported that the Olmert government is considering allowing thousands of armed PLO terrorists from the Badr Brigade in Jordan to relocate to Gaza.

It doesn't have to be this way. Although barring a major Hizbullah provocation, it isn't clear what Israel can do against the UNIFIL forces now enabling Hizbullah to rearm, Israel can still prevent the Egyptian deployment. If the government loudly protested the move and publicly requested the Bush administration order Egypt to remove its forces, Mubarak would do so. But in light of the Olmert government's mishandling of every military challenge Israel has faced since it came to power just six month ago, it is hard to imagine it will act responsibly.

But really, we don't have to worry. Olmert won't let Iran get nuclear weapons.

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PsychoSheikh's Even More Psycho Mentor Revealed

Via The Australian

WHEN Sayyid Qutb returned to Egypt in 1950 after a two-year scholarship in Harry Truman's halcyon America, he took home a master's degree from the Colorado State College of Education and contempt for Western women. It is no coincidence that Qutb's views have more than an echo in the sermons of Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, for whom women are soldiers of Satan. As recently as last week, Hilali, a self-professed admirer of Qutb, described him as a great leader, a symbol of Islam and a model for Muslims.

"The American girl is well-acquainted with her body's seductive capacity. She knows it lies in the face and in expressive eyes and thirsty lips. She knows seductiveness lies in the round breasts, the full buttocks and in the shapely thighs, sleek legs, and she shows all this and does not hide it," Qutb wrote in a paper, America That I Saw.

The main tenets of Qutbism, which was later to feed the minds of the 9/11 terrorists, were outlined in his book Milestones, a call to arms that is to modern-day jihadist-Salafists what Lenin's writings were to the Bolsheviks. It has also been likened to a jihadist version of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

He advocated sharia not just as sacred law but as a complete way of life and advocated violent jihad to remove godless false Muslims and their governments as well as the Western and non-Islamic world from the face of the earth.

Qutb's disgust for the degenerate West does not stop with its women or jazz music, which he claimed was "created by Negroes to satisfy their love of noise and to whet their sexual desires". He described the West as a "rubbish heap" and claimed that because of its "enmity toward Islam" it planned to "demolish the structure of Muslim society". He claimed the Western world realised "that Western civilisation is unable to present any healthy values for the guidance of mankind" and that Americans blushed with shame at the immorality of their country compared with Islam's "logic, beauty, humanity andhappiness".

Qutb was virulently anti-Semitic, claiming in Milestones that world Jewry was engaged in tricks and schemes "to eliminate all limitations, especially the limitations imposed by faith and religion, so that Jews may penetrate into (the) body politics of the whole world and then may be free to perpetuate their evil designs. At the top of the list of these activities is usury, the aim of which is that all the wealth of mankind end up in the hands of Jewish financial institutions, which run on interest."

Hitler, according to Qutb, was sent by Allah to rule over the Jews and punish them for their "unprecedented abominations".

Qutb had nothing good to say about the US: "He was critical of the American concern with lawn care. He said he could not get a good haircut there. He was dismayed by what he regarded as the promiscuous relationships between men and women. There's a famous episode where Qutb attended a sock hop at a Greeley (Colorado) church and the pastor played on the gramophone the famous big band song of the day, Baby, It's Cold Outside.

"Qutb was scandalised as he watched young people dancing with each other."

Qutb wrote of the event, which he viewed as the height of debauchery: "They danced to the tunes of the gramophone, and the dance floor was replete with tapping feet, enticing legs, arms wrapped around waists, lips pressed to lips, and chests pressed to chests. The atmosphere was full of desire."

Qutb's most devastating influence has been through his younger brother, Muhammad Qutb, who was eventually released from prison in 1972. He fled to Saudi Arabia, where he published Sayyid's books and taught Islamic studies. He counted Ayman al-Zawahiri (al-Qa'ida's No.2) as one of his students.

Zawahiri went on first to be a member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and then to mentor Osama bin Laden. The result was the September 11 attacks in America, in which Qutb, posthumously, avenged himself on the country he so hated.

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