Friday, May 18

Putin With a Shovel in the Face

Putin, the guy with that "just hit in the face with a shovel eastern European look " likens the US to the third Reich of Nazi Germany. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. I think the shovel exacerbates the problem. But I digress ( I always wanted to say that in a post.. now I got to!)

Guys like this lie. It is their way of life. They can't help it. They are raised this way. They exaggerate , lie , and pull out all the stops to gain what they want. They are morally bankrupt and spiritually void. These are the facts.

Condoleeza is upset at him over all this. She sees him consolidating power and it worries her.

She said " The Russians, I think, do not accept fully that our relations with countries that are their neighbors, that were once part of the Soviet Union, are quite honestly good relations between independent states and the United States."

Condoleeza, you are a nice lady but very naive. The Russians( I use the term lightly as Putin is not a Russian and neither are a lot of those dummies over there) don't care what our relations are with anyone. They are not interested in getting along and etc. Grow up now.

They are thugs, criminals, thieves, murderers, extortionists, mafioso.
These "governments" are really rule by thugs who are taking their people for all they can get and want to take the rest of the world too.

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