Monday, May 21

Iranian Women Beaten Bloody for Not Covering Hair

Sick, sick stuff. "One strap of hair is the distance between improper veil and a bloody face," an Iranian blogger writes. "Yesterday, 7-Tir square [where the incident happened] smelled like blood," writes another.

The tyrannical mullahs are cracking down harder and harder on their own people and spend all their country's money waging war on Israel and America, sending guns and rockets to Iraq and Lebanon and Gaza. A revolution has to come to Iran too.

A lot of religions hate women it seems. The more religious the more they hate women. Islam is bad but Bnei Brak is not good either. When a whole bus full of men sit by while other men shove and kick her for sitting in the wrong section, something is very sick.

Many women are being killed under Islamic law and maybe men in Europe are letting Islamic law spread there because this is how they want women to be and how they want to have power. I don't know.


Lemon said...

And the world is mostly quiet about it too

Sultan Knish said...

It's very sick stuff but it's always easier to beat the weak than to look in the mirror

Lemon said...

These photos say it all don't they.
So very sad.

LemonLimeMoon said...

hanukkah sameach!!!