Tuesday, October 31

The Great Blood Libel of September 11

Via Smooth Stone

"Thanks to new media, ancient prejudices need never fade away. So it is that Jew hate, nothing if not adaptable, has become easier to disseminate than ever before. Bigotry as old as time can now be downloaded, podcast, cable cast, sat-phoned, text-messaged, downloaded, YouTubed across state lines, oceans, and all continental borders at the touch of a grimy button.

At this point, you never quite know where you're going to find it next, or what form it will take.

This year, I found it at Ground Zero.

I was handed a complimentary DVD by a 9/11 conspiracist. It was a newly enhanced version of the Protocols of the new millennium, the theory - simultaneously promulgated by elements of the far left, the far right, and fundamentalist Islam, people who in every other respect hate each others' guts and each others' every opinion - that it was Israel and the Mossad that brought down the World Trade Center.

The examples are endless, the conclusion one: The Jews did it. The Jew media covered it up. The Jews did it so that America would have to go to war, shedding the blood of Christian boys in a fight against Israel's Muslim enemies.

"Never in the history of the Jewish people has one terrible lie about 'Jewish control' spread so quickly and with such power, captivating not only those on the extreme fringe but the educated elite, particularly in the Muslim and Arab word," ADL National Director Foxman said in 2003.

"The Big Lie has been repeated by imams, the press and government officials in the Arab world, and is contributing to disturbing and dangerous mutations in global anti-Semitism."

Perhaps it was only inevitable, given the low purposes to which high-technology has been adapted, that the ADL found that one of the mutations is none other than that the one once spread by direct priest-peasant contact: the idea that the key ingredient in Passover matzo dough is the lifeblood of a Christian boy."

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