Thursday, November 2

Rocket Lands Inside Woman's House

"Qassam lands inside house in Sderot, causing fire to erupt; one woman suffers from shock. Six rockets fall in Israel since Thursday morning, while army continues operations in Gaza.

Six rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip since Thursday morning, despite ongoing IDF incursions in Beit Hanoun area in the Strip, aimed at thwarting Qassam fire.

A rocket that was launched Thursday afternoon directly hit a house in the town of Sderot, setting fire to the place. One person was lightly injured by shrapnel and two others suffered from shock.

One of the residents who lives in the area said: "We heard an explosion and saw smoke billowing over the house. This area has sustained quite a few Qassam hits."

Meanwhile, two IDF soldiers who were injured during the army's operation in Beit Hanoun were evacuated to the Barzilay Hospital in Ashkelon.

Several Qassam rockets were fired Thursday morning from northern Gaza Strip and landed in open fields near Sufa Crossing, the town of Sderot and kibbutzim in the Western Negev."

Soldiers are dying. The war goes on. Prime Minister Olmert remains in office even though he is a complete failure and the UN force he brought in is helping the terrorists.

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