Tuesday, February 1

Sweet Home Jerusalem

Lyrics for Sweet Home Jerusalem

Eagles' wings keep on flying
Carry me home to see The King
Singing songs about my City
Jerusalem you're in my dreams And I'm gonna sing, yes

Well I heard the UN talk about her
But a Jewish boy won't drink this brew
Uncle Sam please remember, that "Jerusalem won't be split in two!"

Sweet Home, Sweet Jerusalem Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home, Sweet Jerusalem L-rd I'm coming home to you

We're all waiting for Mashiach You can bet he's coming soon
We'll all be dancing in Jerusalem
And we'll all be singing the same tune Now that's the truth

Sweet Home, Sweet Jerusalem Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home, Sweet Jerusalem L-rd I'm coming home to you

The wise men of the Holy City
They've been known to pick a song or two
They help my soul when I'm hurting
They give me joy when I'm feeling blue Now how about you?

Sweet Home, Sweet Jerusalem Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home, Sweet Jerusalem L-rd I'm coming home to you
Sweet Home, Sweet Jerusalem Where the skies are so blue

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Monday, January 18

Samurai vs Jesus

Long time no update. Two really funny posts from Samurai here.

Report of the Bulletin of the International World Alliance of Messianic Judaism Worldwide in Rosh Pina Project Colada

And the only way we can do this is with your money. Believers are working their holy asses off to bring the word to the Fake Real Jews, but we can’t do it without a lot of your donations. We’re invading Israel. We’re going into their coffee shops and getting kicked out for telling people they’re going to hell. But that’s okay. We came prepared for that. We’re martyrs, just like all the Jews our ancestors killed because they wouldn’t take our illuminated parchment leaflets back in the Middle Ages. But it ain’t no fun being a martyr without a Mercedes Benz (send Martyrdom\Mercedes Benz donations to: ROSH PINA PROJECT COLADA C/O REAL JEW BIBLE COLLEGE C/O INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE ALLIANCE OF MESSIANIC JUDIASM IN TENNESSEE, 6012 ROBERT E. LEE RD, KILLAJEW, TENNESSEE).


Only Jesus Can Make Tiger Woods Keep It In His Pants

You may have heard that Brit Hume found the perfect solution to Tiger Woods’ troubles. Jesus. As we all know Jesus believers have a fantastic track record of not cheating on their wives, especially if they’re televangelists. So Brit Hume’s recommendation that Tiger Woods climb on board the Jesus express made huge sense.

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Thursday, July 24

Deterrence is the only effective tool against east Jerusalem terror

Deterrence is the only effective tool against east Jerusalem terror, that's what the Jerusalem Post and Israpundit say and they're right

When asked, however, to discuss the first bulldozer attack in Jerusalem, on July 2, Diskin turned critical, noting that Israel lacked effective deterrence against such attacks, mainly due to the foot-dragging on the demolition of homes belonging to the perpetrators of the Mercaz Harav and first bulldozer attacks.

Considering the dozens of construction sites throughout Jerusalem and the many Arabs who work on them, there is almost no effective way to prevent a lone attacker from deciding to turn his work tool into a killing machine except for deterrence. The failure to demolish or even seal the homes of the previous attackers is a mistake that, according to the Shin Bet, is enabling future attacks.

Forget just demolishing the homes, they can always build new ones. We have to really fight back instead of just waiting for them to attack.

Nobody ever won a fight by sitting back and taking it.

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Eddie Beckford , Violent Missionary Thug Attacks Jews

It's really sick to see these American thugs and con artists like Eddie Beckford AKA Edwin Beckford coming to Israel from Harlem to assault Jews and promote hate. You can see on this video what an evil man this Eddie Beckford is, how sick and violent and full of hate.

You can find videos made by Edwin Beckford's followers all over YouTube preaching hate against Jews, from these so-called people who claim to follow the Bible. They obviously don't know it very well. Meanwhile they try to excuse and justify his violent attacks showing they're no different than Nazis, because THERE IS ALWAYS AN EXCUSE.

These disgusting people like Eddie Beckford and Lura Beckford come to Israel in the name of hate because they wore out their welcome in America. So they come to Israel, stir up trouble and then ask Americans to give them money to "protect them from the Jews" Sick stuff and sick people.

According to Samurai Mohel, Edwin Beckford 's "ministry" Kingsmen Arad is even named after the Kingsmen gang that Eddie Beckford used to run with back in Harlem. Now he's created a chapter in Israel funded by any money he can get anywhere.

It's amazing that Israel is so tolerant of these people like Eddie and Lura Beckford who rabidly hate Jews and even engage in criminal acts against them. If these people hate Jews so much THEY SHOULD JUST LEAVE. Just like anyone who hates America should leave.

Eddie Beckford, go back to where you came from and leave the Jewish people alone.

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Thursday, December 13

Nasrallah Demoted to Housecat by Iran

Some of Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah's responsibilities have been taken away by the organization's backer Iran, the pan-Arabic daily Asharq Alawsat claimed Thursday

Reportedly, Nasrallah is no longer in control of the organization's military wing, which is now headed by Nasrallah's deputy Sheikh Na'im Kassem.

The Iranian official Asharq Alawsat cites as the one who demoted Nasrallah is none other than Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Type rest of the post here

Western intelligence sources cited by Asharqreported that Teheran was furious over Nasrallah's conduct during the Second Lebanon War and that was the reasoning behind the decision to diminish Nasrallah's authority.

Sources close to Iran's Revolutionary Guards quoted an officer in the Iranian elite force as saying Kassem was chosen after he and Nasrallah had disagreements regarding the organization of Hizbullah's military wing. Khamenei's representative in Lebanon.

"Kassem isn't only Hizbullah's second-in-command but also Khamenei's representative in Lebanon and Palestine."

Hizbullah's budget in the last 18 months has been $1 billion, to compensate the organization for the losses it suffered during the war. Hizbullah's yearly Iranian budget stands on $400 million, the officer added.

Reportedly, Khamenei appointed a committee of top Revolutionary Guards commanders and entrusted them with restructuring Hizbullah's military and intelligence wings. Among the commanders in the committee is the Kuds Brigade commander Kassem Suleimani and the former head of Hizbullah's intelligence wing Imad Mughnia, who is one of the top names on the US's most wanted terrorists list

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Monday, May 21

Iranian Women Beaten Bloody for Not Covering Hair

Sick, sick stuff. "One strap of hair is the distance between improper veil and a bloody face," an Iranian blogger writes. "Yesterday, 7-Tir square [where the incident happened] smelled like blood," writes another.

The tyrannical mullahs are cracking down harder and harder on their own people and spend all their country's money waging war on Israel and America, sending guns and rockets to Iraq and Lebanon and Gaza. A revolution has to come to Iran too.

A lot of religions hate women it seems. The more religious the more they hate women. Islam is bad but Bnei Brak is not good either. When a whole bus full of men sit by while other men shove and kick her for sitting in the wrong section, something is very sick.

Many women are being killed under Islamic law and maybe men in Europe are letting Islamic law spread there because this is how they want women to be and how they want to have power. I don't know.

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Friday, May 18

Melanie Philips on Islamism vs. Liberalism

These two concepts, Islamism and liberalism, are currently engaged in a fight to the death. My argument is that liberalism is in danger of losing this fight because it has so badly undermined itself and departed from its own core concepts that it is now paralysed by moral and intellectual muddle.

The Big and Little Satans themselves, America and Israel, are proxies for liberalism and modernity. That's why Islamism says they must be destroyed. Qutb famously went to America and concluded from seeing men and women dancing at a church hop that America was one giant brothel. And much of the bitter hostility to the Jews who started returning to Palestine in the 1920s was because the women wore shorts and were sexually free.

The Islamist goal is to destroy the virus of freedom and modernity before it infects the Islamic world, and to replace it with Islam. That is the core of the profound threat it poses to the west, a threat mounted through the pincer movement of both terrorism and cultural takeover.

First of all, let me define my terms and say what I mean by Islamism and liberalism. Islamism is the politicised version of Islam which mandates jihad, or holy war against the infidel and conquest of the non-Islamic world for Islam. I�m well aware of the argument that there�s no difference between Islamism and Islam: that�s a theological argument for others to have.

By liberalism I mean the commitment to a free society, founded above all on the separation of secular government from religious worship � from which follow the concepts of equal respect for all people, freedom of conscience, tolerance and the rule of law.

This cultural takeover, or the aim to Islamise the west, was explicitly laid out in a programme of subversion for Europe by the Wahabbi Muslim Brotherhood almost 30 years ago. In 1978, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference sponsored a seminar in London which said Muslim communities in western countries must establish autonomous institutions with help from Muslim states, and lobby the host country to grant Muslims recognition as a separate religious community as a step towards eventual political domination. CONTINUE
Liberalism is the creed of modernity. The driving force behind the Islamic jihad is the fight against liberalism and modernity. All the iconic conflicts � Iraq, Israel, Kashmir, Chechnya, Sudan �are secondary to the fundamental aim of the jihad to prevent liberalism and modernity from destroying Islam.

The founding ideologue of modern Islamism, Syed Qutb, made clear in his writings that at the core of the salafi interpretation of Islam was opposition to the separation of religion and temporal power that resulted in liberalism and democracy. His governing impulse was the fear that the instinct for liberty was so powerful it would spread to and infiltrate the Muslim mind unless it was checked by the most repressive possible form of Islam.

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Charles Krauthammer on Prelude to the Six Days War

There has hardly been a Middle East peace plan in the past 40 years -- including the current Saudi version -- that does not demand a return to the status quo of June 4, 1967. Why is that date so sacred? Because it was the day before the outbreak of the Six-Day War in which Israel scored one of the most stunning victories of the 20th century. The Arabs have spent four decades trying to undo its consequences.

In fact, the real anniversary should be now, three weeks earlier. On May 16, 1967, Egyptian President Gamal Nasser ordered the evacuation from the Sinai Peninsula of the U.N. buffer force that had kept Israel and Egypt at peace for 10 years. The United Nations complied, at which point Nasser imposed a naval blockade of Israel's only outlet to the south, the port of Eilat -- an open act of war.

Why is this still important? Because that three-week period between May 16 and June 5 helps explain Israel's 40-year reluctance to give up the fruits of that war -- the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Gaza -- in return for paper guarantees of peace. Israel had similar guarantees from the 1956 Suez war, after which it evacuated the Sinai in return for that U.N. buffer force and for assurances from the Western powers of free passage through the Straits of Tiran.

All this disappeared with a wave of Nasser's hand. During those three interminable weeks, President Lyndon Johnson did try to rustle up an armada of countries to run the blockade and open Israel's south. The effort failed dismally.

It is hard to exaggerate what it was like for Israel in those three weeks. Egypt, already in an alliance with Syria, formed an emergency military pact with Jordan. Iraq, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco began sending forces to join the coming fight. With troops and armor massing on Israel's every frontier, jubilant broadcasts in every Arab capital hailed the imminent final war for the extermination of Israel. "We shall destroy Israel and its inhabitants," declared PLO head Ahmed Shuqayri, "and as for the survivors -- if there are any -- the boats are ready to deport them."

For Israel, the waiting was excruciating and debilitating. Israel's citizen army had to be mobilized. As its soldiers waited on the various fronts for the world to rescue the nation from its peril, Israeli society ground to a halt and its economy began bleeding to death. Army Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin, later to be hailed as a war hero and even later as a martyred man of peace, had a nervous breakdown. He was incapacitated to the point of incoherence by the unbearable tension of waiting with the life of his country in the balance, knowing that waiting too long would allow the armies of 100 million Arabs to strike first his country of 3 million.

We know the rest of the story. Rabin did recover in time to lead Israel to victory. But we forget how perilous was Israel's condition. The victory hinged on a successful attack on Egypt's air force on the morning of June 5. It was a gamble of astonishing proportions. Israel sent the bulk of its 200-plane air force on the mission, fully exposed to antiaircraft fire and missiles. Had they been detected and the force destroyed, the number of planes remaining behind to defend the Israeli homeland -- its cities and civilians -- from the Arab air forces' combined 900 planes was . . . 12.

We also forget that Israel's occupation of the West Bank was entirely unsought. Israel begged King Hussein of Jordan to stay out of the conflict. Engaged in fierce combat with a numerically superior Egypt, Israel had no desire to open a new front just yards from Jewish Jerusalem and just miles from Tel Aviv. But Nasser personally told Hussein that Egypt had destroyed Israel's air force and airfields and that total victory was at hand. Hussein could not resist the temptation to join the fight. He joined. He lost.

The world will soon be awash with 40th-anniversary retrospectives of the war -- and exegeses on the peace of the ages that awaits if Israel would only to return to lines of June 4, 1967. But Israelis are cautious. They remember the terror of that June 4 and of that unbearable May when, with Israel in possession of no occupied territories whatsoever, the entire Arab world was furiously preparing Israel's imminent extinction. And the world did nothing.

Read it all here at the Washington Post

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Putin With a Shovel in the Face

Putin, the guy with that "just hit in the face with a shovel eastern European look " likens the US to the third Reich of Nazi Germany. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. I think the shovel exacerbates the problem. But I digress ( I always wanted to say that in a post.. now I got to!)

Guys like this lie. It is their way of life. They can't help it. They are raised this way. They exaggerate , lie , and pull out all the stops to gain what they want. They are morally bankrupt and spiritually void. These are the facts.

Condoleeza is upset at him over all this. She sees him consolidating power and it worries her.

She said " The Russians, I think, do not accept fully that our relations with countries that are their neighbors, that were once part of the Soviet Union, are quite honestly good relations between independent states and the United States."

Condoleeza, you are a nice lady but very naive. The Russians( I use the term lightly as Putin is not a Russian and neither are a lot of those dummies over there) don't care what our relations are with anyone. They are not interested in getting along and etc. Grow up now.

They are thugs, criminals, thieves, murderers, extortionists, mafioso.
These "governments" are really rule by thugs who are taking their people for all they can get and want to take the rest of the world too.

Read more at Lemon Lime Moon

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Tuesday, May 1

Granola State Broadcasts Al Jazeera

Via LittleGreenFootballs

A cable company is offering the Al-Jazeera network in its cable package, one of only a few in the nation to do so. Burlington Telecom, a city-owned cable company that serves 1,200 households in Vermont’s largest city, began offering the Arab-operated network about six months ago. “We were certainly squeamish about it at first, given its reputation in the United States,” said Tim Nulty, director of Burlington Telecom. “But if you look at it, it looks like BBC. I think it’s more mainstream and more objective than CNN.”

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Brit Terror Gang Plotted to Nuke

THE Muslim terror gang that plotted a devastating bomb blitz of Britain were told by a judge yesterday: "You have betrayed the country that has given you every advantage in life."

The gang's most frightening plot was to buy a "dirty" nuclear bomb from the Russian Mafia and blow up a crowded city centre.

Apart from the mass killing, the explosion would have left radioactive fall-out over a wide area.

The five extremists planned to massacre thousands of their fellow countrymen in up to 30 explosions across the country.

Packed pubs, clubs, High Streets and trains were on the terrorists' hit list as well as major gas and electricity plants.

Khyam, who once dreamed of playing cricket for England, also planned to lead his gang in the slaughter of hundreds by blowing up the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent and London's trendy Ministry of Sound nightclub.

They even talked about dropping a bomb on the House of Commons during Prime Minister's Question Time to "take out" Tony Blair and every MP in the land.

Khyam and some of his gang were disciples of radical clerics including hook-handed Abu Hamza and and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal, now both behind bars. The gang planned to detonate remote-controlled bombs across
Britain in revenge for the Iraq war.

They gloated over the prospect of carrying out atrocities on the scale of 9/11 in America and the 2004 bombings in Madrid, where 191 were killed.

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